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Can you imagine yourself disconnecting in a beautiful environment in Colombia? 5 days in a luxurious glamping side with plant based food, yoga, medicinal ceremony, mentor sessions, meditation, a mindful party & a reiki session or massage.

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The Triology Retreat has been designed to make you feel more grounded, empowered and to let you feel new energy flowing through your body, mind & soul.

You get the chance to enhance your creativity and to get back in flow so you can thrive in your life and business.

The location is a wonderful, magical and natural environment with a luxurious touch.

The food will be plant based, refreshing and in alignment with the process of the week.

The program will provide grounding and flow through coaching, meditation, mindfulness, yoga and a plant medicinal ceremony session.

We'll go on an outdoor adventure and you also have the opportunity to get a massage or reiki session.


There could, of course, be thousands of reasons to book some time for yourself in your agenda.

We have summarised some reasons why we think you would love to join the Triology Retreat.

As an entrepreneur you are always focused on growth, but there are also things that don't serve you like headaches, stress, lack of energy and lack of creativity. We will guide you in managing these experiences that don't serve you by introducing you to:

1. Mindful reflection moments combined with guided meditations for grounding and regular check-ins. This way you become not only aware of your thoughts but also your body. You'll learn how to feel.

2. Yoga practices to enhance your health and experience flow through your mind, heart and body connection.

3. Plant medicine ceremony Psilocybin (mushrooms) to fully experience the present moment and to open up your mind, vision and soul. This way you can enhance your creativity and power in the most flourishing way.

4. As an extra you get the opportunity to book a reiki session or massage, you'll go home with some unique experiences, you will meet wonderful likeminded people to stay connected with for life and it takes place in one of the most beautiful countries on the planet; Colombia. 

This is all included in the price!

We would love to meet you and create magic with you! What would be the most important reason for you to join a retreat?


This is Malu, a passionate woman who is a facilitator for Social Entrepreneurs and Eco Heroes. She started her business back in 2018 and is currently traveling the world. Malu will be guiding you through each day as your mentor with the focus on meditation, mindfulness, time to reflect, share & grow. She will also be your first point of contact when you decide to join the retreat. 

Some fun facts about Malu:

• Right before the retreat she turns 33!
• She loves to travel, dance & have deep conversations
• Her guilty pleasure is cheesecake & her biggest dream in life is to see at least 111 countries.

Malu is looking forward to welcoming you to the retreat! Feel free to send us a message or check our link in bio to plan a call.

This is Isis, awareness expert, yoga teacher & free spirit. Her positivity, knowledge and drive is what has brought her to the Triology Retreat and we are so grateful to have her as one of the facilitators.

Isis will guide you in making connection with your body and inner self through yoga, movement & moments of silence.

Let us share some fun facts about her:

• You can wake her up for a reggaeton party.
• She loves to eat, travel and meet new people.
• Her guilty pleasure is chocolate and her biggest dream is to travel the world as a yoga teacher with online coaching programs.

Isis is looking forward to welcoming you to the retreat.

This is Nandini Devi Dasi (Nandi). Our medicine woman during the retreat.

Her knowledge and expertise is beyond amazing. She is a Bhakti Yogini, Medicine Woman, Médium, Sound Healer, Hypnotherapist, Angelologist & International Massage Therapist.

Let us share some fun facts about her:

• She is an escape magician, since she was 19 years old she has been able to escape to death 5 times, today she is 38 years old and here she is.

• she loves getting up to sing and play her instruments, also she loves to stand on her head every day.

• her guilty pleasures are chocolate & wine

• her biggest dream is to build a lot of self-sustaining and conscious communities where everyone is one.


Who is the retreat for?

The retreat is for you as someone who is always focused on growth. On creating things.

As a result of that, you are not always conscious about the things that don't serve you well. Like headaches, stress, lack of energy and lack of creativity. Those have a negative input on the long run.

We are here for you to let you reconnect with yourself, your passion, your happiness, your flow and your creativity so you can go back and thrive in life and business.

Can you imagine yourself disconnecting in the beautiful nature of Colombia, connecting to likeminded entrepreneurs, investing time in yourself & enjoying all the amazing benefits that the retreat has to offer for you? 

We look forward to meeting you!

I am this person!

Meet Andrea Matheus.

She is a. Holistic therapist. she does Reiki, aromatherapy, massage THERAPY, acupressure, she reads oracles, does energy cleaning and crystal therapy.
Andrea's expertise, calm and positive energy is what brought her to the retreat. We are happy to be able to give the participants the opportunity to fully relax with one of Andrea's therapy sessions.
Let us share some fun facts about her:
•her heart is completed when there’s avocado
•she loves to Feel the morning sun,
Light a candle, Be a tool for my patients to get them a smile of relief.
•her guilty pleasure is to Watch series on Netflix.
•her biggest dream is toHave a medicinal house for everyone who needs it.
Andrea is looking forward to meet you during the triology retreat!

This is Camila, Vegan cook. Her never-ending knowledge about healthy food, her passion and positivity is what makes her the perfect chef for the Triology Retreat.

She will be preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner for you and explain the benefits of each meal and how it aligns with the process you go through.

Let us share some fun facts about her: 

• She is a P28 pilot, rally driver & a Mom. 

• She loves studying and from time to time certify herself and update her knowledge

• Guilty pleasure: she likes Wine….

• her biggest dream is to build a house on the beach and open a Green Lab


This is Israël, but you may call him Isi. He is a real connector, optimist and has the most beautiful energy. We are blessed to have him around!

He is a co-facilitator and will end the Thursday evening with a mindful DJ set. Isi is also the one who can give you all the information about Teva Retreat.

Some fun facts about Israël:

• At the age of 38 he decided to change his profession
• He loves the women in his life the most (wife, daughters) and he also loves music.
• His guilty pleasure is chocolate and bread
• His biggest dream is to build an eco luxury community

Israël is looking forward to meeting you on November 29th!

And last but not least, the owner of The Triology Retreat: Sheggeor! He is the creative mind behind this program, he is the connector and videographer.

During the retreat he will be taking care of everything behind the scenes, he will be taking pictures and making videos.

Some fun facts about Sheggeor:

• He is obsessed with shoes and food
• He loves to travel, meet new people, music, dancing & creating videos
• His guilty pleasure is brownies & his biggest dream is to host the Triology Retreat all over the world.

Sheggeor is looking forward to meeting you and start this bautiful journey with you!

Grounding & Flow



  • 5 days retreat program
  • Accommodation and plant based meals for 5 days 
  • Reiki session or massage
  • One catch-up call after 4 weeks 

  • Access to the community group
  • Monthly group mentor sessions
  • 30% off StorySelling program 


    November 29 - December 3 - 2021


Flow & Energy



  •  5 days retreat program
  •  Accommodation and plant based meals for 5 days 
  •  Reiki session or massage
  •  Catch-up call after 4 weeks 

  • Access to the community group
  • Monthly group mentor sessions
  • 30% off StorySelling program  

February 7 - February 11 - 2022


Energy & Space



  •  5 days retreat program
  •  Accommodation and plant based meals for 5 days 
  •  Reiki session or massage
  •  Catch-up call after 4 weeks 

  • Access to the community group
  • Monthly group mentor sessions
  • 30% off StorySelling program

Coming soon