I'm really sorry, you're too late to enter the course. This training is now closed. 

The 5 basics you need to start shining on Instagram

A secluded 5-day virtual training via Instagram

You will learn about your mission, visualisation, money mindset, storytelling & selling via Instagram DM without advertisements. 

Dates: 11-15 February 

14 days access - summary included



What's this new training about?

By the end of the training you know:

  • How to find your passion

  • How to visualise your perfect business

  • How to get confident with asking for money a.k.a Money Mindset

  • How to implement Storytelling

  • How to start selling via Instagram DM without any advertisements


(new date available soon)

5 days of training // 14 days access.

All via the instagram page @malulaker