I'm really sorry, you're too late to enter the course. This training is now closed. 

The 5 basics you need to start shining on Instagram

A secluded 5-day virtual training via Instagram

You will learn about your mission, visualisation, money mindset, storytelling & selling via Instagram DM without advertisements. 

Dates: 11-15 February 

14 days access - summary included



What's this new training about?

By the end of the training you know:

  • How to find your passion

  • How to visualise your perfect business

  • How to get confident with asking for money a.k.a Money Mindset

  • How to implement Storytelling

  • How to start selling via Instagram DM without any advertisements

Rianne Wijnen

Rianne Wijnen Photography & MediaDesign

Ik heb het laatste setje naar het echt knallen met instagram en andere socialmedia bronnen te danken aan de fijne curses van Malu! Duidelijke richtlijnen en fijne feedback op vragen hebben mij super geholpen. dankjewel!


Coach by Heart

In this short period of knowing her, I already learned so much from Malu. She enlightened me with her passion, focus and enthusiasm she's got to achieve her goals. The way she communicates directly results in a clear vision. So when she told me about the course I immediately knew she's the right person to learn 'how to shine on instagram' from.


Ebony Laker

When I got to know Malu a bit better, she inspired me to start sharing my story. The way she is motivates me to confident, more creative and to chase my dreams. I'm following her course because I want to start shining on Instagram.

Winnie Geurts


I really like Malu her personality. She is open, honest and I love her enthusiasm. I've learned to get all positive things out of a day. I'm very excited for the course and I hope Malu can help me further visualise my dreams and give me this extra motivation to work on my goals.



When I think of Malu the following words pop up: Wisdom, Accurate, Truth, Passion, Straight, Driven, Challenge, Persist, Involved.
I look forward to learning from her in the new Instagram course.



Last year I followed the MINIMAL•U Instagram course and I've learned so much. I really like Instagram now and this new course will be the perfect addition for me.


Tamara Billekens

After having a brainstorm session with Malu I immediately knew what she can do for my business. Her calm personality and her clear vision make it very nice to work with her. I'm very much looking forward to the training!

Evita Held

Evita Held makeup &hairstyling

Malu is a very nice warm person to talk to. She makes you feel at ease by talking about all kinds of topics, listening and then flawlessly connecting the themes. This allows you to gain insight and many "aha" moments at the end of the session. She takes her time to ask the right questions and gives you the space to answer them extensively. The moment you clarify your answers, she visualizes where you want to go and how to get there. It is nice that Malu has the art to do this without always taking herself as an example and allowing you to be fully appreciated. You literally feel like the center of her attention. It also triggers you to think big without restrictions. A very valuable session where you get the courage to get started.
My appreciation is huge and I would surely recommend her to anyone who desires to wake up their creative self!

Warm regards,