Get an amazing aesthetic grid

The pictures in our stock photo album are made by us for you. By posting these to your instagram feed you will have an unique style and you are able to create a stunning aesthetic grid. Next to that you always have something to post.

We will be adding new pictures monthly so you never have to wait. Every month there is also one free picture available for you to download.

Enjoy using our art in your business. We love to see you shine online.



Via our Pixieset album you can buy the pictures individually for €1.11 per photo or you can choose to have a subscription for only €4.44 per month. This way you have access to all the photos, at anytime.  

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What are stock photos?

Stock photos are either free or paid photos which are created for a range of purposes. MINIMAL•U is the owner of the photo and explains how the photos can be used. 

Can I download stock photos for free?

Yes, every month we add a free photo to our album for you to download for free. Sign up to our monthly newsletter to be able to be the first to receive the downloads. 

What is the price of the paid photos?

You can buy the photos for €1.11  (excl. VAT) each. You are able to pay via CreditCard or iDeal.

Where can I find stock photos?

We distribute the stock photos via our Pixieset website. You are able to download and buy pictures on this site and you can even buy products to print the pictures on.

How to remove the stock photo watermark?

To be able to remove the watermark you need to purchase the photos for €9.99 per photo. Afterwards you will be able to get the picture without a watermark. 


How to download stock photos?

For the free download:

1) Go to our stock photos

2) Click on the picture you'd like to download in the album ''free pictures''

3) Click on the download button and fill in your mail address

4) Choose where you'd like to save the picture: on your computer, on your Dropbox, on your Google Drive and the photo will be automatically saved.

For the paid download:

1) Go to our stock photos

2) Click on the picture you'd like to download in the album ''your perfect feed''

3) Click on the shopping cart button and choose between prints/digital/wall art

4) Click on the product you'd like to order

5) Fill in your personal details

6) Pay by Credit Card or iDeal and your picture(s) will be sent to your email address once they are ready. 

Why would I use stock photos?

You might not always have the time to take your own pictures or you are looking for a specific picture you are unable to take yourself. Next to that it's very convenient to always have enough pictures for your socials and website. The pictures are of great quality and you can buy them for prints & online use. 

Who buys stock photos?

Everyone who appreciates photography, business owners who like to have original content, people who are creating an aesthetic Instagram or Pinterest.