Why you should stop worrying about what your friends and family think about your purpose

Updated: Feb 23

In this blog we are talking about your ideal customer. The people who are into your products and services. Your niche. The goal is for you to realise that your friends and family are not going to buy your products forever. They might support you in the beginning, but they will probably lose interest because they just don't really care about your mission. And that's okay, because there are millions of people on this planet who are your ideal customer/client and who are having the exact same thoughts as you.

Who do I focus on?

When posting something online, do you think about your ideal client? The perfect customer for you? Or do you focus on getting likes from your friends and family?

It's very normal to worry about what your followers think. Believe me, I have been there too. But the only thing it does is holding you back. It is not supporting you to shine online and share your thoughts with the world. What would it feel like if you could just go online and tell the world what you have to say without having to question what others might think?

Who do I need to focus on in order to thrive online?

Who is your ideal customer? Let me help you with that one. Here are some questions you can answer in order to create your ''niche avatar'':

  • What is his/her age?

  • What kind of job does he/she have?

  • What degree does he or she have?

  • Is your ideal customer a male or female?

  • Where does he/she come from?

  • Where does he/she like to travel to?

  • What kind of soap does he/she watch?

  • What kind of book does he/she read?

  • Which type of social media does he/she like?

  • What kind of personality does he/she have?

  • What values does he/she have? What's important for him/her?

  • Why does he/she need my products/services?

Once you've answered these questions you can start drawing your avatars. I would recommend to draw three of them.

Now think about how many people on this planet fit your avatars. How many of your friends and family members fit?

What would it feel like if I can just go online and tell the world what I have to say without having to question what others might think?

There's only one way to find out. You need to start sharing your story. The mission you have deep down inside of you. People who resonate with your lifestyle, your mindset, your daily routines will hop on the bus and follow your journey along. So you better make it a nice bus drive, right?

Storytelling is a very easy and effective way to share the above. I wrote a blog post about this subject on how to start storytelling via instagram. You might find this interesting as a next step.

Did you get anything out of this blog? Please share this with me via Instagram DM on our account or leave a reply here. I look forward to hearing from you.

So nice to meet you!

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