Why the Avila Beach Hotel is the most sustainable hotel on Curaçao

Slow travel means sustainable and minimalistic traveling. That's our mission for this never-ending world trip. We got to experience a sustainable hotel, here on Curaçao. It's called Avila Beach Hotel and I'm sure you will love it!

You probably wonder how the travel industry can be sustainable and I understand. There's a lot of flying or driving around during travels, but it also is a great way to support the planet and give back to the places you visit. As long as you take care of your own footprint, traveling can be very sustainable.

Luckily there are already many businesses who are pioneers and do their best to save the planet. The Avila Beach Hotel is a great example! I took the time for you to find out what it is that they do to support people, animals and the planet and I found out that they do a lot!

Avila Beach Hotel is located in Willemstad, Curaçao. It is an authentic hotel which has been a famous scene for years. The beautiful entrance takes you back in time. They combine sustainability with luxury and believe taking care of our planet does not mean you have to give up on any luxury. Are you curious how they manage to be such a sustainable hotel? Then keep on reading.

It already starts when a guest books a night at the hotel (note: directly via the Avila website). For every night they plant a tree via One Tree Planted. The hotel started doing this in October 2019. The organisation One Tree Planted grows trees in North-America, South-America, Asia and Africa.

  • Pack for a purpose when you are going to fly

All people traveling to Curaçao, the hotel encourages them to bring school items for multiple elementary schools in Willemstad. This project is called ''Pack for Purpose''.

  • Avila supports the local Oranjeschool

Also, the employees donate a part of their salary to the Oranjeschool and the hotel's management doubles this amount so they can do a big investment every year. They already invested in new computers, airco and a complete library.

  • They give away FREE reef protection sunscreen

For all guests booking a holiday at Avila they give away free reef protection sunscreen. Protecting the ocean is really important to the hotel, so they started thinking out of the box very well. Sunscreen is extremely harmful to coral.

  • Coral farming

Coral Restoration Foundation Curaçao (a non-profit organisation) is dedicating their time and energy to make the ocean healthy again. They have planted coral in front of Avila Beach and a few other places on the island which has resulted in 5000 Staghorn and Elkhorn Corals.

  • One of their main focuses is recycling

Avila Beach Hotel has won an award called Travelife Gold Award and the local Sustainable Innovation Award 2013 for their focus on recycling. We saw this with our own eyes in .e.g. the bathroom of our room. There's a note that motivates guests to reuse their towels. They even use recycled coasters in their restaurant and re-use food leftovers, by giving these to a local pig farm.

What else have we seen with our own eyes which we found amazing?

  • Their beaches and waters are extremely clean

We were surprised by how clean the beaches are. Also when we entered the water, it was so clean. Great to see and experience.

They have solar panels

The hotel has a few buildings and they have an enormous roof with solar panels.

  • Healthy vega options

Apart from the fact that the food is absolutely delicious. They also offer some great vegetarian options. On the menu you can see what food is vega/vegan or can be made vega/vegan. Super easy. We ate breakfast, lunch and dinner and loved absolutely everything! The place is called The Pen Restaurant. The hotel tries to use local products as much as possible. For example, herbs, veggies and fruit from local farmers.

And last but not least. This might be the part we love the most:

  • At Avila work many local people

We are a huge fan of companies who think about locals first. We met many employees of the hotel and they were all from Curaçao. You can read the personal stories on this page. The story of Rensley the Jongh is very special to me personally, because when he was working at Avila he was very famous for his qualities and he got noticed by Erik Swaghoven who offered Rensley a job at the Michelin Star Restaurant Valuas. That restaurant is located in Venlo, the place I was born and raised. I love to read such success stories.

If you are a fan of traveling slow and sustainably, we can definitely recommend to stay at Avila Beach Hotel. You can follow them on Instagram, Facebook, check out their website.

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