Why you should start sharing before you're ready

Updated: Feb 23

In this blog I talk about sharing your personal story, your mission, your business goals before you have that feeling of being ready to share them. I tell you why I think it is important to talk to your online audience before your products/services are 100% finished.

The easiest way to do it is by making the following mantra yours: 'Start before I'm ready'. Marie Forleo realised soon enough that all the successful entrepreneurs on this planet all had one thing in common: they all started before they were ready. Because, nobody is every ready. Can you even imagine what 'ready' would feel like? No, me neither. It's something we've put in our brains. We've convinced ourselves we need to be ready first before we start something new.

Well sweetheart, let me free you from that specific thought: you are never going to be ready.

What I do know is that you will eventually be successful if you just start sharing your thoughts, lifestyle, mission and business goals before you are ready.

Why would I share my mission before I have something to sell?

Let me explain to you why I feel it's important to share your story and your mission to the world:

I like to follow other people who have a dream, a life goal, a wish for the world. Even more I like people achieving their dreams. When people start sharing their days and the actions they take to be able to achieve this goal, I am on board. I can follow the steps you take, the energy you put in your work, the things you learn, the struggles you experience. I can resonate with the things you experience.

And once you're ready to launch: BOOM! I am your ambassador and your customer. Because:

1) I have followed your process.

2) I trust you for who you are.

3) I resonate with your story and mission and therefor probably need or want your product or service (it also can be that I buy it as a present for someone else).

4) I became your ambassador by following you, by getting to know your story and now I can tell the world about your mission, service or products so more people will get to know you.

Why I should focus on my ambassadors instead of my first customer

The people who resonate with you like to follow your story, your lifestyle, the choices you make, the way you look at things. You can only make sure they get to know you by sharing this daily. I would personally suggest by starting this on Instagram (I wrote a blog about how to start with storytelling).

Once you've started your storytelling, your audience will grow and you can interact with your followers. Provide them with value: think education, motivation, inspiration & fun. This way they will stick to your page and want to learn more. Will they all buy your product or service? No, they won't. But they are your followers, your community. And by treating your community well, they will start selling your products and services for you. That's why you need to focus on your ambassadors instead of your first client.

Did you get anything out of this blog? Please share this with me via Instagram DM on our account or leave a reply here. I look forward to hearing from you.

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