Who is the woman behind MINIMAL•U?

Updated: Mar 29

Let me properly introduce myself for a moment and tell you some fun facts about myself. I realised I haven't done this before, only on my about page. So here we go:

My parents got divorced when I was 15

My name is Malu, born and raised in The Netherlands. I was born in '88 and yes that sounds old to me, but I feel forever young. I had a very loving youth but when I was 15 my parents decided to divorce. I was always waiving the pain it caused goodbye by saying: I'm glad they divorced, because they're happier now. But little did I know that it hurt me, so much. Until I went to Ibiza for a retreat. I was not aware of the fact this situation still had such a big impact on my well-being. We did a very intense form of meditation to release all the emotions we carried inside. For the first time in my life I experienced anger. I was so mad that it felt like a big relief.

On a retreat in Ibiza I became the confident, happy and proud woman I am today

Before the retreat I learned how to live a happy life inside my head. I was living very consciously and with a positive/optimistic attitude. But during the retreat I learned to be happy within my body too and that's when I fully started to become a confident, happy and proud woman.

Personal development has become my biggest investment, an addiction and my all day mirror. I love to learn new things about myself, but also about the spiritual path. You can call me a 50/50. Fifty percent Spiriwiri and 50% down-to-earth. I think it's a nice balance.

Sustainability is in my blood

Next to the personal development part I love to focus on sustainability and well-being of humankind, animals and nature. I loooooove to deeply connect with people but also with animals. They always manage to steal my heart. Because I love nature so much I am outside a lot. That's one of the main reasons I started traveling. Being in countries with lots of sunshine, palmtrees and beautiful beaches. But, I also love to go snowboarding and enjoying the snow! Just getting to know earth's nature makes me extremely excited. Can you imagine seeing all the beautiful waterfalls, highest mountains and most stunning views over lakes? Ohmy, I can. It's all over my 'dream life' vision board.

Photography is my passion

I love to take pictures of people! Unique portrait pictures. This has become (or I made this) one of my assets in life, because I found out people love my pictures too. Everywhere I go I meet the right people and businesses to photograph.

I am traveling the world

Currently I am traveling the world sustainably and as a minimalist. I value time in life and I when I started MINIMAL•U I had one very important reason: I am only spending time on things I love. A minimalistic approach which has given me so much in return. Due to this lifestyle I am able to go wherever I want, work from the most beautiful places and have nothing to be attached to. No mortgage, no car, no job I need to be present for. Just living my life on my terms while doing the things I love the most: visiting beautiful places, working from the nicest café's, snorkeling, taking pictures & connecting with amazing inspiring people. You can follow this journey via Instagram, because I love to do storytelling by sharing experiences, thoughts, lessons learned and all about the countries I get to see.

So what's my mission exactly?

My mission is to create a more social and sustainable world and I do this by supporting Social Entrepreneurs & Eco Heroes in becoming confident business owners. So that they can start shining online and spread their beautiful stories. This way we can create a better world for humans, animals & nature. I do this via online courses, brainstorm sessions and 1-on-1 coaching. If you'd like to stay updated and get to know other Social Entrepreneurs & Eco Heroes, feel free to join my new Facebook Group.

If you made it all the way to the end, thank you so much for reading! I'm looking forward to meeting you! In case you'd like to connect, this is where you can find me on my personal accounts:

Please say hi!

Lots of love,