Miracle Morning: Things to do daily to start your day right

Updated: Feb 23

In this blog we are talking about your personalised morning routine in order to start your day positive, full focus, with a peaceful mind and ready to work on your to do list. The tools are based on Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. The morning routine that changes lives one morning at a time. Are you looking for a way to design your life to your hands and stop giving away your power to others? Then keep on reading this blog about the things to do daily to start your day right.

What does my ideal day look like?

That's the question I asked myself many times. I wrote it down on paper 25 times, but I couldn't stick to making it a reality. I got frustrated sometimes, because in my head I was creating this healthy routine too slow. I told myself: I need to workout, read, journal, meditate, go outside a lot and work on my goals. Next to that I need time for my friends and family.

Wow, yeah. That's a lot for 24 hours, because I also need sleep. So.. How am I going to do this? On a certain moment I laid my eyes on something called Miracle Morning. That sounded very interesting to me so I started reading.

''Miracle Morning: the not-so-obvious secret guaranteed to transform your life (before 8am)''.

Wauw. I was extremely enthusiastic about learning more!

So what is Miracle Morning exactly?

It is a routine for early mornings which includes (Life SAVERS):

  • Step 1. Silence

  • Step 2. Affirmations

  • Step 3. Visualisation

  • Step 4. Exercise

  • Step 5. Reading

  • Step 6. Scribing

In total it takes 60 minutes from start to finish. I personally choose to focus on 10 minutes each, but the recommended time is a bit different.


Recommended time: 5 minutes

  • Activity: Silence could be either meditation, breath work or prayers.

  • Benefits: Serenity, improved self-awareness, reduce stress.

For this part of the Miracle Morning you can use apps like CALM or HeadSpace to do your daily meditation. Also, YouTube has amazing guided meditation videos you can listen to for free.


Recommended time: 5 minutes

  • Activity: Say positive thoughts out loud.

  • Benefits: Reprogram your brain with positive thoughts.

I would personally recommend to learn the affirmation part by searching on Pinterest or YouTube. Here you can find a great amount of affirmations and you will feel which resonate the most with you. Write them down and say them out loud. Repeat this daily until you feel you need more or different affirmations.


Recommended time: 5 minutes

  • Activity: Thinking about successful situations.

  • Benefits: Adopt behaviors that promote success.

For visualising your perfect day or perfect future, you only have to ask yourself one question: what does my perfect day/life look like? And let your brain do the rest. Do this daily in order to live your perfect life accordingly.


Recommended time: 20 minutes

  • Activity: Running, fitness, yoga, play sports.

  • Benefits: It increases your energy, improves health and emotional well-being.


Recommended time: 20 minutes

  • Activity: Read for pleasure and learn new things.

  • Benefits: Learn, broaden knowledge.


Recommended time: 5 minutes

  • Activity: Journalling.

  • Benefits: Having a guide, a personal agenda full of resources.

What do the most successful people have in common?

They all start their day very early and take their time to do whatever improves the quality of their day. ''You win the morning. You win the day''.

As a bonus: World Premiere Trailer of The Miracle Morning Movie.

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