One hour of planning can save you ten hours of doing

Updated: Feb 23

In this blog we are talking about a structured week and how much time planning your day, week, month or even year can save you. We talk about brain dumps, working towards your personal and professional goals and the importance of rest and celebrating your small successes.

What is a brain dump?

We all have many thoughts in our heads, combined with many to do's. A brain dump can help you get more headspace and structure your to do's. I got this inspiration from EnGroei.

How does it work?

1) First you make sure you have a digital tool or a pen and paper.

2) Start writing all the to do's one by one. Make sure you write down everything. Even groceries for example.

3) Look at the to do's for a moment and start writing down the following:

  • <2 minutes: write down all the to do's that take less than 2 minutes

  • 2-30 minutes: write down all the to do's that take up to 30 minutes

  • >2 hours: write down all the to do's that take more than 2 hours

  • Long term: write down all the future to do's

4) Do all the to do's <2 minutes directly.

5) plan the rest of the to do's in your agenda.

Working towards my personal and professional goals

The brain dump you can use as many times as you like. It helps to create more space in your head and to realise that things don't have to be finished all at once. When you are working towards your goals, you can create a more structured day/week/month or even year planning. This is the start of a structured life. (Let's use the monthly goals as an example. Eventually they will be split up in weekly and daily tasks + with monthly goals you work towards your yearly goal.)

1) First of all separate your private and your professional/business goals.

2) Then start planning the first goal in the last week of the current month. Decide on an end date, e.g.: ''On January 31st I have achieved...''

3) Write this goal down and then think of all the things you want to do in order to be able to achieve that goal.

4) Then divide all the things you want to do over the weeks in that certain month. This way you can make sure you have enough time, headspace and small task to accomplish instead of everything at once.

5) Keep your focus and finish all the weekly task in order to be able to achieve your goal.

In between work I also need to give myself some rest

Setting goals and working towards your dream life is something extremely motivating and fun thing to do, but it also can be very overwhelming. Make sure you give your brains enough rest in between tasks. A great way to do this is to focus on the Pomodoro Technique. This means you focus on 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes break. A Pomodoro is 25 minutes because within these minutes it prevents you from procrastinating, you stay productive and you can stay focused on the task you are tackling.

I have an app I use to make sure I follow this Pomodoro Technique while working on my to do's. It's called Forest (an app that plants trees while I stay focused). I recently found out it also has a Google Chrome version of Forest instead of only a Forest phone app.

The 5 minutes rest give you the time to relax your brain, drink some water, get social or go for a small walk. Anything that gets your brain off of your work.

And last but not least: celebrating successes. I do not plan my goals for nothing.

You plan your life, years, months, weeks and days for a reason. You have a clear vision of your dream life and with your goals you are achieving this dream life. But the tricky thing here is that we often forget to celebrate small wins. We focus on the end goal, but don't see how far we've come when we reach 10% or 20% or 60%. It's very important to enjoy the ride while working towards your winning award. Therefore my advice would be: celebrate small wins. This makes the process much nicer, easier and you will feel proud of yourself.

My tips for you on how to celebrate successes:

  • Get a gratitude journal and write down things you are grateful for. Include one line for something small you have achieved that day.

  • By the end of every week: see how far you've come and take a moment to write down your achievements + the nicest experience of the week.

  • Set goals and write a reward for every achievement next to it. For example: when I achieve my February goal, I'm taking my spouse/parents/friends out for dinner.

  • Create a Bucket list with things you like to do in your life. For every achievement, choose one thing to do so you don't have to wait until you've achieved all your award winning goals.

Doesn't it sound amazing to work on your goals and also rewarding yourself for every small step?

Start planning, save yourself some time & focus on what makes you happy.

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