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Updated: Apr 21

Storytelling is a very popular marketing strategy. It is a way to connect to and engage with your audience in an easy-going way. People who follow your story are connecting to you as a person and you gain their trust by sharing your daily life. This does not mean you have to share everything, but anything you think that might be valuable and nice to watch for your Instagram followers. Your community.

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Why would I start storytelling on Instagram?

You might have a product or service that you'd like to start selling or you already have a business, but you are looking for ways to better engage with your audience. But, it could also be a desire to start storytelling because you have an important message to share with the world.

For all the above reasons storytelling might be an amazing to do for you. It's something that's supposed to be a lot of fun. You'll notice once you've started.

What feature on Instagram do I use for storytelling?

First: you need to have an (open) instagram account. Second: your focus will be Instagram Stories. Via this feature you can very easy start your storytelling game. Everything you put on the stories disappears for your public, but stays in your account so you can look back. Also, you can save highlights to your account so people can look back. You can create different subjects in your highlights and save the stories accordingly.

Do I need to talk in the camera in order to do the storytelling right?

No. Storytelling does not necessarily mean that you need to talk in the camera all the time. You can also tell a story by filming the things you see and write texts for the viewers to be able to understand what it is that you are doing.

Photo vs video

Personally I prefer to use video as much as possible. I film everything with my iPhone camera, edit the video and then put it on instagram. I always try to film at least 10 seconds in order to be able to show as much as possible to my audience. 15 seconds is even better.

I will show you the exact steps I take:

1. I film something we are doing. Always vertically, because Instagram stories are all vertical.

2. I edit the colours of the movie because I like to keep one look so that people start recognising our videos. This you can do on any phone with any camera app.

3. When I have WiFi I upload the video to Instagram stories and write a text so that people:

a) don't have to listen with sound on

b) deaf people can understand what's going on

c) people understand what we are doing/seeing/feeling/experiencing

4. I tag the location (account + geotag) and the people we are with.

5. I add engagement tools like question box, poll, countdown or quiz (not for every story, but at least 1 a day).

6. Then I start over and do the same for the next video.

Preparing my audience for what's coming. Think 3.

Now you know how to put the video online, but this is no storytelling yet. Prepare your audience for what's coming by thinking in 3. Three videos for every topic. For example: You are going to the beach. It's nice to show one video of the beach, but that won't be very interesting to follow for your audience. As I said, think 3:

  1. Prepare your audience for what you are going to do. You are going to the beach, so you film this before you leave.

  2. Show them you're moving. You are going to the beach by car/scooter/bus? Show them what you see on your way.

  3. Show them the beach. Let them experience what you are experiencing. When you leave the beach, do the same for whatever you are doing next.

I choose to share whatever feels good to me

You do you. You are unique. Nobody else can be you.

This also means that it really doesn't matter what people around you think about you, your instagram or your storytelling. It's all about building this community that resonates with you, your mission, your values and who loves to see you succeed. Focus on your story only. Have fun with it and put your energy in the right people. You will eventually see that this audience is growing quicker than you might have thought in the beginning.

Enjoy the ride, share whatever feels good & start connecting with your audience. The world needs to hear your story because there are always many many many people who will get inspiration out of it.

I'm proud of you.

Did you get anything out of this blog? Please share this with me via Instagram DM on our account or leave a reply here. I look forward to hearing from you.

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