What we do



Because every picture tells a story

When you are presenting your business online, it's very important to have professional & authentic pictures to show to your audience. Pictures that fully represent you as a person and the message you'd like to share.

In The Netherlands we have a team of 6 photographers and we (Sheggeor & Malu) are available for photoshoots on Curaçao until July 2021. 



The move that you're afraid to make could be the one that changes everything

More than pictures, more than text, more than design. Video shows everything: your body language, your voice, the way you look someone in the eye. It's all very detailed and shows your customer who you truly are.

Videos make sure you can fully show your business to the people and trigger their emotions with your words, music and movement.

In The Netherlands we have a team of videographers and Sheggeor is available for videos on Curaçao until July 2021.



You were the perfectly told story that was never written

Your mission to make this world a better place is one to be told, but more importantly: to be written.People search for words online & your story is worth to be found.

Our text experts are here for you to listen to your story, deep dive into your mission and create magic on paper.



Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak

The way you represent your business is the thing that will be remembered by your public. 

Your logo, colours, fonts, social media icons are the finishing touch that speak for itself. 

Your brand will eventually speak for itself when people recognise you.

Our design experts are here for you to create a strong visible brand that will easily be recognised. 

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Stock photos

These stunning photos will be a great addition to your instagram feed. You will get this stunning aesthetic minimalistic grid when you add our stock photos to your feed.



With out one click edits you can create an amazing look on your photos yourself. We created presets for mobile & desktop.