What is a Brainstorm session?


A call via Zoom


A way to gain clarity


A new path & structure for you to follow


Your first step in shining online

You can book a 30-minute free brainstorm session first


You're ready to..

  • ..choose for yourself and your dream life

  • ..start working on your mission

  • your own business or expand your business to create a better world

  • .. reach your highest potential

You've been procrastinating, over-thinking and doubting too long and now feel that you're more than ready to change this world. 

My mission is to support you to cultivate confidence to start shining online. So that you can live your dream life, work on your mission and make this world a better place.

Three years minimal•u

From 2018 on I have grown my business to where it is right now with 0 entrepreneurship experience when I started. I launched different products & services. Some of them worked, some of them didn't. But what the most important factor was is that I have learned to always come back to my purpose

There's a reason people start a company: a desire deep down inside, something they like to change in the world. Whenever you have found that mission and have the confidence to speak about it, great things start to happen.

An important side note: Whenever you start a business to experience lots of free time or to make easy money, entrepreneurship might not be for you. 

Starting and growing a business requires dedication and confidence. I can support you in cultivating this confidence and supporting you in getting ready to shine online. 

You feel like you're the next Social Entrepreneur or Eco Hero who is about to start her awesome business journey?  Then....

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Get ready to shine

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Brainstorm sessions

​A brainstorm session is something for you when you:

  • Are stuck in your job and would love to work on something you really are passionate about.

  • Have a mission on this planet and you see yourself doing this, but you don't know how and where to start.

  • You have your own business and you are ready to start shining online, but don't know how or where to start. You're afraid of what others might think and this is stopping you from doing it.

The sessions take 150 minutes. Together we will talk about your desires and find a way for you to get started. 


  • A 1, 2 or 4 hour call via Zoom

  • A summary of our call via mail

  • Investment: from €75,-

2 month

Get ready to shine #1

  • Four online sessions via Zoom from each 120 minutes
  • Online environment to work on your progress together
  • Ongoing contact via Instagram DM whenever you need me


3 months

Get ready to shine #2

  • Six online sessions via Zoom from each 120 minutes
  • Online environment to work on your progress together
  • Ongoing contact via Instagram DM whenever you need me


6 months

Get ready to shine #3

  • Twelve online sessions via Zoom from each 120 minutes
  • Online environment to work on your progress together
  • Ongoing contact via Instagram DM whenever you need me


Nouglyrah Brooks

Wifelife Edit

I booked a brainstorm session with Malu after I did a photoshoot for my personal brand. I had some new ideas that I didn’t know how to combine without it being something stressful. Malu gave me some easy steps to implement, making yhe execution way easier that I expected. I’m very happy with the result, ans I would definitely recommend her sessions.

Nouglyrah Martina

Wifelife Edit

I booked a brainstorm session with Malu after a photoshoot I did for my business, and I have to say I’m happy with the result. I have some new ideas for my business but I didn’t know for sure how to combine the implemention. Malu gave me tips that were easy to apply and also the confidence boost that I needed to make it happen. I would definitely recommend her sessions.

Alexandra GOLLER

self-employed PARTNER at RINGANA GmbH

I have met Malu in person while living in Curacao. Now back in Vienna, I took the opportunity to book a brainstorming session with her as I wanted to get a clearer picture of what direction I want to (should) go with my business and where I should put more (online) focus on.

Malu, immediately made me feel understood & helped me to find out where I should put my spotlight on and how I can combine my network marketing business (sustainable, fresh, vegan cosmetics and superfoods) with my other passions (mindset, travel, personal growth, ethics, minimalism, fairness).

Her way of looking at things is so positive & clear and she has the ability to find your triggers :-) She has you looking at all possible different angles to find what suits you best to be authentic.

I can heartily recommend a brainstorming session with her.


Ghislaine Grondsma

Vrouw van de Marketing

In the past weeks I have experienced several Brainstorm Sessions with Malu. This has clarified a lot for me. I was "stuck" because I didn't know exactly what I wanted with my career. Through several conversations with Malu it all suddenly became clear to me and I found the right course.
Her targeted questions and asking questions when you give a vague answer will help you realise where you really need to go. I am very grateful that my eyes have been opened and would definitely recommend a brainstorm session to anyone who needs a helping hand to become a better version of themselves. In whatever field. Go for it.

Evita Held

Evita Held makeup &hairstyling

Malu is a very nice warm person to talk to. She makes you feel at ease by talking about all kinds of topics, listening and then flawlessly connecting the themes. This allows you to gain insight and many "aha" moments at the end of the session. She takes her time to ask the right questions and gives you the space to answer them extensively. The moment you clarify your answers, she visualizes where you want to go and how to get there. It is nice that Malu has the art to do this without always taking herself as an example and allowing you to be fully appreciated. You literally feel like the center of her attention. It also triggers you to think big without restrictions. A very valuable session where you get the courage to get started.
My appreciation is huge and I would surely recommend her to anyone who desires to wake up their creative self!

Warm regards,


Annelies Minimaliseert

The global pandemic made it difficult to continue my sustainable mission. As a minimization coach I specifically help enterprising women to tidy up their house and mind so that they experience more peace. I virtually came across Malu and of course her company name MINIMAL•U immediately appealed.

I booked a Brainstorm Session and got so much more! I am looking forward to helping women clean up in a sustainable way and I am more convinced than ever that our human obsession with things threatens our planet. This Corona crisis also proves that a return to a simple life with attention to people and nature is necessary.

Because the visual aspect is also very important in my job, Malu convinced me to use Instagram more consistently. Her advice and tips that she derived from our brainstorm are spot-on and will certainly get me on full speed again.

So book a Brainstorm Session!