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A clear vision is the first step to amazing content and online visibility.

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You as a Social Entrepreneur or Eco Hero are the one the world needs more than ever. We are here to help you shine, sell & grow online via Instagram.  Get up, dress up & start your growth journey here with us, right on this moment.

The world needs you to shine

My name is Malu Laker and my greatest wish is to have a world in which sustainability is called sexy and equality is the number one focus. 

Together with my hubby I'm traveling the world slowly & sustainably. We met each other five years ago on Curaçao & have been in a distance relationship for 9 months. 

I love dancing, animals & Chai Latte. My happy place is the beach and one day I'd love to live in a tiny house. 

My mission is to support Social Entrepreneurs & Eco Heroes on their mission to becoming confident & proud business owners. 

When there is a need to learn how to shine on the gram, I have you covered! Via our Instagram course, brainstorm session, or our Get ready to Shine program, you will get super confident sharing your story.

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Shine on Instagram (Dutch)

Do you love to study in your free time to give your business an extra boost? This course is sustainably made which means it gets updated often so all information is 100% up to date.  (This course is in Dutch only and will be translated in the next few weeks).

Our team has got you covered

We have a team of photographers, videographers, designers and text writers to create professional & outstanding content for you.


You feel in every part of your body that it's time to show the world what you've got, but your mind tells you not to. I help you overcome your fear so you can start living your purpose to the fullest and most importantly: to share this with the world.


Stock photos

These stunning photos will be a great addition to your instagram feed. You will get this stunning aesthetic minimalistic grid when you add our stock photos to your feed.



With out one click edits you can create an amazing look on your photos yourself. We created presets for mobile & desktop.

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