Are you ready to build a solid Instagram Story strategy, become confident in front of the camera and sell via DM?



Turn your StorySelling into a high performing mechanism

In the StorySelling Program we get you confident in front of the camera so that you can start shining on Instagram. It's a deep dive into inner leadership and creating a blueprint for your (personal) brand. You'll learn how to easily sell your product or service via DM and create a passive income so that you can start working from everywhere. 

This course is for you if..

  • You see everybody around you being extremely visible on Instagram Stories and you feel like you're missing out.

  • You know audio and video can be rockets for your startup or business.

  • Talking in front of the camera makes you shy, blocks your brain and you're afraid you're not beautiful enough.


  • You do tell stories, but there is no strategy or focus so you lack consistency.

  • Your storytelling takes too much time at this moment.

  • You're at this point that you want to start selling via Instagram DM.


What if I tell you that you can become confident as your raw & authentic self in front of the camera, create your own Storytelling Blueprint and sell your services by attracting the right customers with your positive vibes?



You'll learn how to get rid of your limiting beliefs about yourself


You'll learn how to be your authentic self on the stories so that it is interesting to watch for your audience


You'll learn how to be confident in front of the camera & how to tell stories that are interesting


You'll learn how to sell your products/service via Instagram DM & you learn how to create a product for passive income

➳ You feel more comfortable

and you easily recognise when your ego is stopping you from doing what you love. You focus on your message, your value and the fun instead of the 'picture perfect'


➳ You have built a community of likeminded people

By focusing on your happiness and being authentic, you attract new people to your account and your engagement increases


➳ You are a fun storytelling sales expert

You can sell your products and services easily with your personal blueprint strategy that 100% suits you. You know how to write or tell a story that is interesting for your listeners or readers. 


➳ You have an attractive account

with the right information. People recognise within one second what you do and how you can support them. You know how to create interesting, educational, inspiring and motivational content.



Is this program for you?

➳ YES: if you would love to start sharing your story, but fear is stopping you

In this program we will let go of all the fear and start focusing on happiness, authenticity and rawness so you start enjoying being in front of the camera


➳ YES: if you want to focus on trust & sharing value

In this course it's all about being the best version of yourself and giving is the number one focus


➳ YES: if you share your stories on a regular base, but without any strategies or sales

We will focus on creating your personal blueprint and strategy so you can be 100% consistent + actually sell your product or service


➳ YES: if you have your instagram account with mainly friends, but not many clients

You will learn how to talk to your ideal customer, how to attract them and turn them into selling clients

➳ YES: if you're familiar with the instagram basics and are ready for the next level

This program does not include the basic tips (for this topic I have another course)


Within 5 weeks


  •  are confident in front of the camera and an experienced story teller

  • have a personal storytelling blueprint that feels authentic and real. Above all: it's super interesting for your audience to watch

  • have your strategy to stay consistent

  • know how to sell your service and products through storytelling

  • have lifetime access to online course materials including video's, worksheets, story templates & storytelling ideas sheet

  • VIP access to our private community with other female entrepreneurs to learn from (extremely valuable for networking, sharing knowledge, ideas etc.)

  • had 5 LIVE sessions with Malu

  • have the MINIMAL•U Touch presets for an aesthetic grid

  • had a 30 minutes brainstorm session with Malu 

  • will earn your investment back in no time (if you're willing to go all in and shine!)